difference between bird spikes and bird netting

Birds spikes and bird netting are the two ways of birds’ pest control. Both of these are efficient and result good. The difference between both is the material used in it. Both of these techniques have different mechanics for bird pest control.

Birds Spikes:

The birds spikes are an option for controlling the bird pest and it is used very widely. These are installed at common bird landing surfaces which are mostly above the chimneys, windows, rooftops or any place where bird nesting is possible. It creates a physical barrier for the birds and the birds cannot enter the place for nesting anymore. These Bird spikes do not harm the birds because these are not sharp. The only reason to install this is to make a physical barrier. It becomes nearly invisible from a little distance which means it will not be a problem for your home decor.

Birds Netting:

Another option for controlling bird pest is the birds netting. It is also practiced a lot. It is used to prevent birds from reaching the areas where you do not want them to nest. It is usually composed of bi-oriented polypropylene or woven polyethylene. It varies in sized one can choose the required size.

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